We, a group of volunteers, are now launching an open data portal for the Town of Arlington. Arlington Info will become a convenient source of trusted financial, demographic and statistical data about Arlington, all from cited reliable sources and without any bias or agenda. We plan to collect some of the same data may from peer communities for comparison. Priority will be given to data which is relevant to current issues and upcoming decisions. Datasets will be made available using open data standards for simple analysis by others.

Although this is not a official project of the town, the group has been working collaboratively with town officials. We plan to expand the data catalog over time based on requests from residents for data they are interested in as well as making already available data more accessible. We’re just getting started, please see our Project Roadmap for future plans. Our goal is making information about town government accessible. We help residents better understand what’s happening by surfacing and visualizing important data about how our town works.

Navigate the site by clicking next through our currently available visualizations, or see the Data Catalog or other open data topics in the left hand menu.

This website is not managed by town government in Arlington, MA; it is run by volunteers who are listed in the Colophon.

Looking For Another Arlington?

This site is for Arlington, MA - if you have a similar site for any other Arlingtons out there, let us know and we’ll link to you too!

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