Arlington and APS Racial Demographics

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) tracks a wide variety of data about school policies, populations, and performance. This includes some historical data from 5 to 10 years back, and includes data for every public school district in Massachusetts, meaning you can easily make comparisons across time and towns/cities.

APS Staff And Student Demographics

Using the most recent ESE data for 2019 we can show the disparity in relative percentages of different racial/ethnic categores between the diverse town and student population, and relatively less-diverse teacher/staff population here in Arlngton Public Schools (APS).

APS Students By Race/Ethnicity - 2019

APS Staffing By Race/Ethnicity - 2019

Arlington Residents By Race/Ethnicity - 2019

Note that US Census race/ethnic categories may not all directly match MA ESE figures for APS in some cases, so this is just a general comparison.

APS Students By Race/Ethnicity 2013-2019

APS Staffing By Race/Ethnicity 2013-2019

Over the 6 years of available data for APS demographics, the change of percentage of non-white students has increased slightly, while the percentages of white staff remain high.

Data Sources

See our Education data catalog for sources derived from MA ESE data. Race/Ethnicity names have been normalized to use full versions from the Staffing data. MA ESE data includes male/female breakdowns for staff and students, as well as other categories for student populations including English Learner, Economically disadvantaged, Students w/disabilities, and High needs. Read the FAQ on MA ESE racial and ethnic classifications.

Arlington resident estimated race/ethnicity breakdown comes from US Census Bureau Quick Facts estimates of Arlington for 2019.